The inspiration behind Bridger Beef and the wild west

When DiLuigi Foods decided to expand their product line of beef items, we decided to take a look to the Wild West for inspiration.   James “Jim” Bridger (March 17, 1804 – July 17, 1881) was among the foremost mountain men, trappers, scouts and guides who explored and trapped the Western United States during the decades of 1820-1850.  The name Bridger evokes ranches and cattle.

DiLuigi Foods works with quality meat suppliers to offer you a premium selection of beef products.  We can provide upper 2/3 Choice Beef, Organic, Antibiotic Free (ABF), CAB ®, and Halal products.

Let Bridger Beef provide you their Case Ready Beef Program and reap the rewards.   DiLuigi Foods produces Bridger Beef products and we have expertly trained and skilled butchers providing your chain with the quality and consistency you deserve from store to store.  Combine quality cutting with a SQF Certified USDA inspected facility to provide food safety at the highest level.  At DiLuigi Foods, we take beef safety one step higher than most by also putting all whole muscle product through a state of the art intervention program to eliminate virtually all surface contaminants.

And, if all that’s not enough, we will customize your program such that it fits to your customer base.  You choose the weight range, packaging and specifics about the cuts and we will build a specialized program unique to your needs.  While MAP packaging provides great presentation and color, we can Vacuum Package or even Master Bag product as well.


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