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Our Packaging Capabilities

We offer multiple sleek and safe packaging options for increased shelf life for our wide portfolio of products and private label applications.

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

Always available in standard black and white
Capabilities for custom sizes and colors
Retail and family pack trays


Forming Film

Always clear

Non-forming film

Available in multiple colors
Customized prints

Vacuum Skin Packaging

Can be utilized for anything in a MAP package. We have seen great success with this method especially with dry rub products, skewers, and entrees. This method gives the customer a greater tactile shopping experience at the retail level.


Available in polybag- any size

Food Service & Private Label Packaging

DiLuigi Foods has the production bandwidth for large size Repak and MAP packaging for food service and behind -the -glass applications. Contact us for more information on Custom Packaging and Private Label at [email protected]

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