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5 Ways to Spice your Steak without Ruining It

Producing a delicious steak requires the right combination of spices and cooking temperature. Add too little seasoning and your meat may taste bland, but slathering on an excess might overwhelm your steak and mask its flavor. To ensure a perfect steak every time, keep these five tips in mind.

#1. Start with a Clean Grill

What goes on your steak will affect its flavor, even if it is residue from your grill. Ensure your grates are completely clean by scrubbing them thoroughly with a brush and then rinsing with a garden hose. You can then brush the surface with a bit of vegetable oil to prevent your meat from sticking. We recommend preheating your grill first, as doing so will help loosen debris and get it precisely the right temperature for searing.

#2. Baste with Olive Oil

Baste the outside lightly with olive oil before placing it on the grill. The idea is to barely moisten your steak without causing it to feel too greasy. Add just a dash of sea salt, cracked pepper, or other spices such as paprika before brushing on the olive oil. Do not add olive oil if you are marinating your steak, as there is a good chance the combination of liquids will conflict with one another.

#3. Choose a Flavorful Rub

Perhaps you prefer a crispier texture, in which case a rub would be best. When choosing a rub, more spices do not necessarily equal greater flavor. A simple homemade rub made from garlic, rosemary, and onion powder is enough to bring out the flavor of your steak without seeming too overwhelming. Some chefs also recommend using only salt, pepper, and a third spice of your choosing. Rub vigorously and cover the outside thoroughly, but do not allow your rub to “cake” on top of your meat.

#4. Marinate Thoroughly

When marinating steak, place meat in a single layer and cover completely with liquid. Use tongs to flip meat over so that both sides are evenly coated. Cover and place in a refrigerator for at least eight hours, preferably overnight. When you are ready to grill, remove your meat from the refrigerator and pour out any excess liquid. Do not use it to further baste your meat while grilling or to marinate other foods, as you run the risk of contamination by doing so.

#5. Allow Steak to Rest

Even the right preparation and cooking techniques might not fully bring out the flavor of your steak if you dive into it too quickly. After removing it from the grill, your meat should be allowed to “rest” for around five minutes or so before cutting. This allows juices to recirculate, and will result in a moister finished product with enhanced flavor.

Everyone looks forward to a delicious steak hot off the grill. The right seasoning is just one factor to keep in mind when grilling steak or any other type of meat. Keep these five tips in mind, and you will have guests raving about your spectacular grilling abilities.