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Why Our Entree Meals are the Answer to a Quick & Tasty Dinner

A home cooked meal is one of the best ways to cap off a long day or spend time with friends and family. Despite your hectic weekly routine, DiLuigi Foods has an outstanding assortment of delicious and easy entrees you can whip up, even after a long day. Your family and friends are sure to be impressed with what you serve up tonight.

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With so many product options available from DiLuigi Foods’ entree selection, no doubt you can find a perfect meal for simple, yet delectable dinners. Not only are their entrees an easy meal to whip up for yourself after a hard worked day, but these flavorful dishes are great for entertaining, family dinners, parties and even holiday season.

Beef Kabobs with Vegetables

For summer barbeque grilling, check out the Steakhouse Beef Kabobs with Vegetables. Filled with bright peppers and onions alongside tender bits of perfectly marinated steak. Forget about slicing and skewering, simple throw the pre-made kabobs on the grill for a colorful and simple dinner. Not only are these kabobs a perfect fit for outdoor cooking in the summer months, but these tender protein and vibrant vegetable combinations are a super healthy meal option.

Sweet Bourbon Beef Kabobs with Vegetables

Another crowd pleaser is the Sweet Bourbon Beef Kabobs with Vegetables. This elevated entree with a sweet bourbon marinade, tender beef bits and juicy vegetables are sure to impress your family and guests. For a more refreshing grilled option, check out the chicken kabobs for an even leaner protein option. DiLuigi Foods’ Lemon Pepper Chicken Kabobs with Vegetables are a delectable and zesty option to switch up your grilling routine.

DiLuigi’s Stuffed Turkey Breasts

Need something quick, but amazingly delicious for the holidays? Look no further than DiLuigi’s Stuffed Turkey Breasts. Ditch the over dried and flavorless turkey this season. DiLuigi’s lean turkey breast is delicately stuffed with a savory combination of moist breadcrumbs, tangy cranberries and diced, crisp apples. Looking to serve up at a holiday party. This dish is the perfect entree for a well rounded and delightful holiday meal. It is especially well complemented with an easily prepared pasta side, tossed salad or assortment of roasted vegetables.

Teriyaki Beef Tips or Teriyaki Chicken Breast

Wanting to mix up your usual dinner routine, or even just try new flavors. Opt for a tangy Teriyaki Beef Tips or Teriyaki Chicken Breast entree. Both are full of flavor and a great choice for a tender and well marinated protein packed dinner. For finishing touches, serve them over a bowl of some steamed rice or mixed vegetables for a truly Asian inspired teriyaki bowl dinner.

Pork Chops with Apple and Cinnamon

Need a home cooked style dish, DiLuigi Foods’ sweet and savory Pork Chops with Apple and Cinnamon are an essential when it comes to comfort foods. This juicy pork chop is paired perfectly with well seasoned cinnamon apple. For a detailed touch, top the dish with a few leaves of fresh sage and voila, a refreshing and crisp, lean protein dinner is served.

To see all of DiLuigi Foods’ delicious and time saving dinner entree options, be sure to check here at http://diluigifoods.com/products/.