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Questions to Ask when Partnering with a Wholesale Beef Supplier

Finding an organic meat supplier can be tricky, especially considering the overwhelming number of meat suppliers that actually exist in the marketplace alongside the amount of contradicting information they sometimes provide. When looking for a wholesale beef supplier, it is important that their products reflect the high level of food quality that you want to have represented in your store. For beef, there are some critical questions to make sure you have answered before stocking your shelves.

Does the supplier offer a variety of beef products that can fit my range of customer needs?

Not all customers are the same, which means neither should your products. In looking for beef suppliers, they should be able to stock your store with a variety of product types, flavors and options to keep your customers interested and coming back to try new things. This includes anything from various flavor combinations for foodie shoppers, organic and grass fed varieties for the health conscious consumer, or even entree ready meals for those busy parents.

Does the supplier maintain a high level of quality throughout their product line of beef?

Of course having a varying selection of beef products is important, but just as important is the high standard of flavor, packaging, quality and safety that the supplier can ensure for each. Whether it be an organic, grass fed burger or steak beef tips, the customer should be confident in their purchase. Your beef supplier should be using safe and quality packaging methods, have strict standards for food safety, and of course, innovative methods to preserve product flavor, taste and texture.

Do their beef products use whole muscle beef?

Almost anyone can come up with fancy labels and logos to misconstrue the reality of what is really in their beef products. However, not many suppliers can deliver on illusive claims. When it comes to premium beef products and representing your store as a destination for quality beef, it is best to avoid suppliers that cut corners on the quality of their products. One of the best ways to do so is to look for beef suppliers and products that are made from 100% whole muscle beef. This means no cheap added trim or fillings. For example, DiLuigi Foods’ Bridger Beef burgers are only made with 100% whole muscle beef, along with many of their other prepared, frozen and raw products.

Is the supplier reliable and trustworthy?

Being able to trust your suppliers is important since the products that they stock your shelves with have a direct reflection on your store and customer perception. When looking to partner with a potential beef supplier be sure to discuss the suppliers traditions and standards. A reliable and trustworthy supplier will be able to speak to their pride in premium products that maintain a high level of food safety, professional packaging, and taste quality control.

Are you able to grow alongside your beef supplier partner?

With a constantly changing marketplace, it is important that your beef supplier understands this and is willing to grow with you as a reseller. That could mean anything from new innovative modes of production and packaging, creative flavor combinations that will spark customer interest, or even finding more efficient ways to meet customer’s product demands.