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Important Questions to Ask Your Frozen Burger Patty Wholesale Partner

Many businesses and restaurants rely on frozen burger patties to feed their hungry patrons. However, before you choose a wholesaler based on price, quantity, or quality alone, it’s important to ask all the following questions. They’ll help you make certain you’ve chosen the right company.

Are They All-Beef Patties?

Frozen hamburger patties might be all-beef, or they may contain chicken and pork, or they may even contain a percentage of soy as a filler. If a company says their products are all-beef patties, you can rest assured that the only animal used in the burger is beef. This isn’t to say that there won’t be fillers, but at least you’ll know that you aren’t buying chicken or pork byproducts.

Where Do You Get Your Beef?

Not all beef is raised equally, and this is an important consideration. For example, free range, grass fed, and organic beef is going to be of better quality than commercially raised beef. You should ask this question to help gauge the meat quality, then compare it to the price you’re being offered. Remember that low quality patties made from commercially-farmed beef are typically of far lower quality than those made from organic beef.

Do the Patties Contain Fillers or Additives?

Many, many beef patty wholesalers sell products that contain fillers and additives. These vary from product to product, but soy is one of the most common fillers out there. In fact, up to 50% or more of your burger may be soy, so it’s important to ask. If the burgers contain fillers, you’re probably better off going with another wholesale for a higher-quality, tastier product. You should also be on the lookout for common additives and preservatives. Some of these can alter the quality of the meat, as well.

What Parts of the Animal are Used?

Some beef patties contain only certain cuts. For example, you might find that one wholesaler offers sirloin burgers, and another offers patties made from chuck. Either of these is perfectly fine as they’ll provide you with excellent flavor and texture. You should avoid patties that contain beef byproducts, however. These can make the meat unappetizing, at best, and they can take away from the flavor and texture. At the very least, look for patties that do not contain beef byproducts.

Are the Burgers Pre-Cooked?

Some patties are precooked, but others are not. A precooked frozen patty is best for fast food restaurants. Whenever the burger is heated through, it’s ready to go on a bun. While this is certainly convenient, it isn’t good for flavor. You’ll develop the most flavor with a patty that isn’t precooked. This way, you can develop a nice sear on the outside without fear of overcooking or drying out the meat.

There are several questions to ask before you choose a frozen burger patty wholesaler, and making sure you get the right answers can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your prepared food. It’s all about the right cuts of 100% beef without fillers and additives.

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