How Do You Know if You Are Truly Buying Good Quality Beef?

As a store owner, vendors likely come to you left and right, telling you they offer the absolute best quality beef in the industry. If everyone’s making that claim, then someone must not be telling the truth. How do you know if your vendors are really selling the best beef out there? The following tips will help you decide.

Is the Beef Organic?

Unless your vendor offers organic beef, you aren’t getting the best quality meat available to you. Non-organic beef is fed a grain-based diet that is not only laden with pesticides, but also filled with anything from garbage to sawdust to help these cattle farmers save money. Conversely, an organic cow is fed 100% organic feed, and it is never injected with growth hormones or antibiotics. It’s allowed to roam and graze, which allows for better muscle development. These things lead to healthier, better tasting, and more tender meat.

Is the Beef Regional?

Believe it or not, some vendors will source their beef from across the country – or even across international borders – to make the most money they can. Although it’s easy to understand that a business needs to make money, doing so by sacrificing quality is never a good idea. When you have access to local, organic beef hand-chosen from the best ranchers in the country, you can rest assured that you’re getting only the best and freshest beef out there.

Is the Handling and Packaging Facility Safe?

Although there are regulations in place across the country requiring butchers and packaging facilities to employ certain precautionary measures, you should look for companies that go above and beyond those minimum requirements. The USDA works hard to ensure that all the food sold in US markets is safe, but it’s the companies who go the extra mile to make sure there’s no contamination that provide you with the best products. Look for vendors who cut and package their beef in USDA-approved facilities and who have additional certifications.

Are You Getting Expert Cuts?

Large beef production facilities often butcher their cattle on-site at a very fast pace. Often, the people who butcher these animals destined for supermarkets and grocery stores across the country have very little training, which means your cuts aren’t quite as perfect as they should be. When you want to provide your customers with the very best, it’s vital to buy your beef products from a vendor that employs well-trained, experienced butchers. This way, you can provide your customers with the cuts they expect consistently, which can boost your overall customer satisfaction.

Does Your Vendor Care about Your Business?

All too often, vendors only care about getting you to buy their products. They’ll push things like price over quality because they know they’re selling sub-par meat. If your vendor offers you a fantastic price on your beef, but nothing else, be wary of the quality. Instead, choose a vendor that will work with you to provide you exactly what you need with each order.

Although there are many vendors out there who go above and beyond to provide you with the best quality beef for your market, the truth is that most simply want to make money by selling you a product. By choosing all organic beef that is cut and packaged in safe facilities by vendors who truly care about your success, you’ll get a much better product – and your customers will thank you.