How DiLuigi Became one of the Top Bulk Meat Suppliers on East Coast | DiLuigi Foods

How DiLuigi Became one of the Top Bulk Meat Suppliers on East Coast

Becoming a highly-recognized name among meat suppliers is not an easy task, yet is one that DiLuigi Foods is proud to have accomplished. How did DiLuigi become one of the biggest bulk meat vendors in the Eastern United States? Allow us to tell you their success story.

The Company’s Early History

DiLuigi Foods was first established back in 1950. At that time, honesty and integrity were a must for any new start-up company. In other words, DiLuigi would have been unable to even get off of the ground unless they could demonstrate a commitment to quality and customer service.

Times may have changed, but the company’s commitment to good old-fashioned values has not. They still follow the same business model as during their early years by ensuring each customer is treated with dignity and offering only the finest cuts of meat at an affordable price. They believe it is the only reason they have been able to remain in business for more than 67 years.

Extensive Product Line

DiLuigi’s success has enabled them to greatly expand their product line over the years. What began with only a few offerings has now led to a variety of meat choices ranging from choice cuts of steak to a nearly unlimited number of sausage offerings. All of them are freshly frozen using only careful handling techniques to ensure your safety.

A few of the many products you will find available include:

Best of Old and New Products

Many of their products are old family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Others are new creations developed right in their very own test kitchen. However, they all have one thing in common, and that is they are backed by DiLuigi’s commitment to value, taste, and quality.

Each product is carefully tested and then evaluated by an independent third party to verify results. When you choose DiLuigi meats, you can take comfort in knowing that they will never sell you something they would not feed to their own families.

Commitment to Quality

The company’s founders were not interested in taking shortcuts, and neither are its current leaders. DiLuigi was founded on the idea that products should come from only the best cuts of meat, and that how animals were raised also matters. That same philosophy still holds true today. When you purchase meat from DiLuigi Foods, you’ll know you are getting the best quality meat your money can buy. Not only that, but their products are affordable for grocers, restaurant owners, or those who simply would like to purchase large quantities.

Since its humble beginnings, DiLuigi Foods has risen from a struggling family-owned business to become one of the top bulk meat suppliers on the East Coast. Inspired by their success, DiLuigi is anxiously looking forward to the next 67 years.