When Identifying a Wholesale Sausage Supplier try Asking these Important Questions

The sausage products are one of the central components in the meat case at any grocery store, especially popular during grilling season. Such a diverse and flavor filled meat, finding a sausage supplier should meet specific criteria that fits both your store and customer demands. When looking for your next wholesale sausage supplier, be sure to have answered these essential questions before bringing them onboard.

1. What ingredients does the supplier use for their sausages?


With all natural food trends increasingly on the rise, it is important to align your products with this trending specific customer demand. When it comes to sausages, natural and gluten free products are the most optimum quality of sausage that you can put on your shelves. Not only does having all natural casing and gluten free sausage products appeal to your health conscious customer base, but it will also reflect the premium level of meat that you want to portray in your store.

2. Is the supplier able to deliver new and creative tastes and flavors that will continue to intrigue customers?


Don’t stock another sausage brand that looks just like the rest. Add a variety of flavors and seasonings that will engage customers’ attention and have them asking your on staff butcher about that new gourmet seasoned product. Your supplier should be able to deliver on a range of sausages. Their product line should include anything from a quality classic flavor combination, to new and gourmet seasonings. This selection could look anything like a meat case full of Spicy Italian Sausage, Chinese Pork Sausage, Chicken Breakfast Sausage, Beer Bratwurst, and even a traditional Kielbasa.  

3. Do the supplier’s types of sausages appeal to the wide spectrum of beginner to expert cooking levels of your customers?


Not all shoppers are going to be expert chefs, but your products should be able to serve a range of culinary levels and needs. Considering that sausages are a staple in many traditional and contemporary recipes worldwide, it is important to have the right products that fit these consumer demands. For the beginner chef or busy parent, having pre-cooked varieties or frozen options is an excellent and popular choice, especially if you can include a range of different seasoning choices. On the other hand, a more experienced cook might opt for a raw sausage with possibly a gourmet style seasoning for something new and innovative, or simply a classically seasoned variety so that they are able to make it their own.

4. Does the supplier offer a diverse meat selection in their sausage product line?


Sausages are truly a great part of any meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Though the type of meat used for each can vary. For example, breakfast typically uses a chicken, turkey or pork sausage, while lunch and dinner may use anything from a beef, pork or chicken. That means your supplier should be able to provide high quality sausages in any of these type of meat using premium quality chicken, pork, beef and turkey.

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