Bridger Beef is the Answer to Your Organic Meat Supplier Quest

Looking for quality organic meat suppliers to represent your store can be a daunting feat. Not only do you need to assure the meat supplier is a certified organic producer, but that their standards of processing and packaging is of a premium quality for safety and taste.

Bridger Beef is a unique meat product, unlike anything else you can find in the freezer section to date. Think frozen, premium homestyle beef.

Premium Beef

DiLuigi Foods’ Bridger Beef achieves this premium level of product by using a precise method of preservation and packing to maintain the meat’s quality and flavor. For their Bridger Beef Burgers, DiLuigi Foods uses a unique process of vacuum packaging only three patties per seal following their IQF freezing. By following this strict standard, their Bridger Beef retains a premier level of flavor and color, similar to that of a homemade burger patty.

Angus Beef

In addition to quality control when it comes to ensuring an outstanding tasting burger, Bridger Beef puts their burgers through an ‘Intervention’ process. This ‘Intervention’ is an antimicrobial wash that will ensure all Bridger Beef burgers that hit store shelves are of the highest food safety standards.

Beef Franks without Nitrates

In addition to burgers, Bridger Beef also distributes a series of five different beef franks that also utilize a strict processing method. All franks are made with natural casings and are gluten free to ensure the highest food standard. In addition, their all natural variety is made without nitrates or nitrites.

Unlike other frozen beef products available, Bridger Beef only uses whole muscle beef. What that means is as a reseller or customer, neither need to question the type of meat or where it came from in any of Bridger Beef’s products. Trims or other types of fillers are left out, and only the quality whole muscle of the beef is used.

Innovative Packaging Process

Bridger Beef’s detailed two cell packaging process establishes a secure seal that guarantees a shelf life of six months. Not only is this great for resellers since it retains a lengthy value on the shelf, but it also is a perfect food option for customers that they can always have a simple and delicious meal available in their freezer.

Do not let the convenience of Bridger Beef’s frozen products fool you, numerous marketing tests conducted by DiLuigi Foods has proven that consumers perceive Bridger Beef products as being a higher quality over their leading brand competitors, even before tasting them. The high quality of the beef’s color and non-uniform shape, similar to that of a homemade formed burger patty, is definitely more appealing to the customer.  

Bridger Beef’s burgers and franks also come in a wide selection of flavors, so that fancy packaging is in line with their tastes. For their burgers, customers can choose from Angus Beef, Organic Grass Fed Beef, or Swiss Cheese and Portabella Mushroom. The franks come in their classic Beef Frank and All Natural Uncured Beef Frank. They also offer more flavorful options, including Cheddar Jalapeño.

With a diverse selection of products, you are sure to please your variety of customers, from the health conscious to flavor frenzies, with outstanding quality and well seasoned beef from Bridger Beef.