Looking for a Tasty Burger? Why Bridger Beef Burgers is your Answer

Wanting to up your burger game? Bridger Beef Burgers is a superb tasting meat as a result of its’ two cell vacuum packaging, high quality seasoning, methodical processing and 100% whole muscle composition.

Bridger Beef Burgers

DiLuigi Foods’ Bridger Beef Burgers comes packaged in a set of six 5.3 ounce frozen burger patties. For the purpose of preserving the high quality taste and color of the meat, three burgers are vacuum packaged per cell after the process of IQF freezing. This unique methodology was developed by the innovators at DiLuigi Foods in order to protect the meat’s flavor and appearance.

As a result of this careful preservation process, Bridger Beef burgers look nearly identical to those of a homemade patty. Similar to what you would make in your own home, the Bridger Beef burgers are not perfectly shaped by a machine, but reflect the natural shape of a hand pressed patty.

A Burger with Muscle

DiLuigi Foods strongly believes that their Bridger Beef burgers are truly the only whole muscle patty on the market. No added trim is added to their beef patties, assuring the highest quality of ground beef without any second guessing as to what type of beef it is or where it comes from. In addition to the use of only whole muscle beef, Bridger Beef also goes through a process called ‘Intervention’ that is an antimicrobial wash in order to ensure the highest level of food safety for the product and the consumers.

A Premium Burger Option

Without question, Bridger Beef is a premium frozen burger option you will not be able to find anywhere else. With the highest quality control of each burger that uses specific measures to assure taste, flavor and safety. These frozen burgers are perfect to always have on hand in your freezer for a quick dinner for one or a family barbeque. Bridger Beef’s exceptional taste and flavor are great for whipping up a classic burger, gourmet style or even just the patty by itself.

DiLuigi Foods’ Bridger Beef also comes in a wide selection of flavors, so you will never get tired of these delicious variations. This includes their classic Angus Beef Burgers, , Organic Grass Fed Beef Burgers, and Beef Burgers with Swiss Cheese and Portabella Mushrooms.

The classic Angus Beef or Organic Grass Fed Beef Burgers are the perfect option to always keep in stock for a simple and healthy protein filled dinner. For a gourmet spin on a burger, try the Swiss Cheese and Portabella Mushroom You will surely impress your guests with any savory choice. For a simple and fun party idea, create a burger bar with all the toppings and fixings and a variety of Bridger Beef Burger flavor options for your guests to choose from and build their own burger.

With top of the line whole muscle beef, Bridger Beef’s frozen burger patties are a great alternative to time consuming and messy homemade burgers, without compromising on flavor, quality or taste.