5 Reasons Why People Love Healthy Meat Snacks

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or simply eat a healthier diet, high protein meat is the perfect snack. Instead of reaching for those crackers, fruit or yogurt, the high protein in meat snacks will keep you feeling satisfied longer while also helping you to maintain your lean muscle mass.

Yes, there are plant-based proteins, but they do not contain nearly as much protein content as their meat counterparts such as chicken, tuna, turkey or beef. Easy snack options are jerky, premade and sliced sausage, cubed chicken breast or even a burger patty.

Keeps You Feeling Full & Satisfied

Meat’s predominately protein content makes it the perfect snack option to help combat those afternoon sugar cravings. The reason you may be feeling hungry all of the time could be due to the fact that you are consuming too many carbohydrates, which then break down to sugar. By switching your snack to a meat option, you will not only satisfy your hunger, but also it will help you to remain full for longer, and can help tie you over until your next meal.

Helps Maintain & Build Muscle

Ensuring that you are properly fueling your body is just as important as exercise. Meat contains amino acids – the muscles’ building blocks. Without them, your muscles cannot rebuild and grow. Also, when meat is consumed, it has a thermogenic effect due to the high levels of protein; therefore nearly 30 percent of the calories you eat are burned off during digestion. When carbohydrates are consumed, a mere 6 to 8 percent is burned in digestion.

Helps to Refuel & Energize

Carbohydrates are typically broken down in the body to sugar, leaving you feeling tired with low energy whereas the body uses protein as fuel for a longer lasting energy source. How does this work? Protein’s amino acids release a chemical in the brain called orexin, which actually stimulates energy and alertness.

Stable Blood Sugar

As a result of meat’s fat and high protein content, it is great in stabilizing your blood sugar. This is particularly in between meals when your blood sugar starts to dip. Making sure that you maintain steady blood sugar is very relevant in the prevention of Type II Diabetes and other chronic diseases. Furthermore, filling up on high protein meat between meals will keep you from reaching for unhealthy options when your blood sugar does drop.

Meat Contains Essential Nutrients

Besides protein, meat also contains essential vitamins and minerals. For example, according to the National Pork Board, “Pork provides important vitamins and minerals. A three-ounce serving of pork is an ‘excellent’ source of thiamin, selenium, protein, niacin, vitamin B6 and phosphorus, and a ‘good’ source of riboflavin, zinc, and potassium.” In addition, B-12 is very important for our mental health, including memory, sleep, senses, mood and more and, unlike plant proteins, this can only be found in animal-based protein.